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Current Grants


Centre for Advanced Nuclear Technologies

CANUT defines the system for long term cooperation in RaDaI among research organizations and significant industrial companies participating in the project through partnership. The reason for CANUT project is building a strategic partnership among the members of the nuclear technologies consortium, where participants are internationally respected research institutes and industrial companies with a long term tradition. These technologies belong to the key and prestigious RaD topics in the world.

Coordinator: Prof. Ing. Schlegel Miloš, CSc.
Investor: TAČR - Centra Kompetence TE01020455
Years:2012 - 2019

Advanced sensors and sensor data processing methods

Coordinator: Doc. Ing. Straka Ondřej, Ph.D.
Investor: TAČR - Centra Kompetence TE02000202
Years:2014 - 2019


Automatic voice banking and reconstruction for patients after total laryngectomy

The main objective of the project is to develop a system enabling fully automated voice conservation (voice banking), with focus on patients with a total laryngectomy diagnosis. The system will be based on the efficient integration of a subsystem for automatic (unsupervised) recording of a patient’s original voice, of a subsystem for fully automated voice reconstruction from the recordings using a personalized speech synthesizer, and of a methodology for optimal incorporation of the voice conservation process into the treatment of ENT patients.

Coordinator: Doc. Ing. Matoušek Jindřich, Ph.D.
Investor: TA ČR, TH02010307
Years:2017 - 2020

Center for Large Scale Multi-modal Data Interpretation

Coordinator: Prof. Ing. Psutka Josef, CSc.
Investor: GAČR GBP103/12/G084
Years:2012 - 2018

Intelligent Electronic Record of the Operation and Vehicle Performance

The goal of the project is to design and implement a system that will substitute the need for the manually created record of data concerning the operation and performance of vehicles and machinery by allowing
direct creation of a digital record. The implemented solution should eliminate the operator errors to a maximum possible degree and, at the same time, it should not reduce the information content of the record (and, consequently, its usability).

Coordinator: Doc. Dr. Ing. Radová Vlasta
Investor: TA ČR TA04031301
Years:2014 - 2017

Combining phonetic and corpus-based approaches to remedy disruptive effects in synthetic speech

The project builds upon our previous activities in the field of computer speech processing and aims at basic research into speech synthesis. The key idea in the proposed project is to confront phonetic knowledge of the characteristics of natural speech with the characteristics present in synthetic speech and to exploit the acquired know-how to remedy disruptive effects in synthetic speech and to enhance the performance of corpus-based speech-synthesis techniques. Emphasis will be placed on a thorough analysis of contemporary problems perceived in synthetic speech, identification of relevant phonetic parameters crucial for the quality of synthetic speech and the use of such phonetically justified patterns to drive the latest corpus-based speech synthesis techniques. Special attention will be given to automatic prediction of synthesis errors and to the corresponding signal modification/generation.

Coordinator: Doc. Ing. Matoušek Jindřich, Ph.D.
Investor: GA ČR, GA16-04420S
Years:2016 - 2018

System for permanent preservation of documentation and presentation of historical sources from the period of totalitarian regimes

The main objective of the project is the research and development of software tools for archiving and providing access to the historical resources gathered within the documentary mission of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes. Consortium: The University of West Bohemia (coordinator), Charles University in Prague and The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes.

Coordinator: Doc. Ing. Müller Luděk, Ph.D.
Investor: NAKI-II, DG16P02B048
Years:2016 - 2019

Access to a Lingustically Structured Database of Enquiries from the Language Consulting Centre

The main goal of the project is publishing the unique data from queries the Language Consulting Centre of the Czech Language Institute of the ASCR dealt with in a new, user-friendly language query software database. Consortium: Institute of the Czech Language ASCR (coordinator) and The University of West Bohemia.

Coordinator: Doc. Ing. Müller Luděk, Ph.D.
Investor: NAKI-II, DG16P02B009
Years:2016 - 2019