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Matoušek, J and Legát, M. and Tihelka, D. : Is Unit Selection Aware of Audible Artifacts? . Proceedings of the 8th Speech Synthesis Workshop (SSW8), p. 267-271, ISCA, Barcelona, Spain, 2013.

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This paper presents a new analytic method that can be used for analyzing perceptual relevance of unit selection costs and/or their sub-components as well as for tuning of unit selection weights. The proposed method is leveraged to investigate the behavior of a unit selection based system. The outcome is applied in a simple experiment with the aim to improve speech output quality of the system by setting limits on the costs and their sub-components during the search for optimal sequences of units. The experiments reveal that a large number (36.17%) of artifacts annotated by listeners are not reflected by the values of the costs and their sub-componets as currently implemented and tuned in the evaluated system.

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Název: Is Unit Selection Aware of Audible Artifacts?
Autor: Matoušek, J ; Legát, M. ; Tihelka, D.
Název - česky: Je si metoda syntézy řeči výběrem jednotek vědomá slyšitelných artefaktů?
Jazyk publikace: anglicky
Datum vydání: 31.8.2013
Rok vydání: 2013
Typ publikace: Stať ve sborníku
Název knihy: Proceedings of the 8th Speech Synthesis Workshop (SSW8)
Strana: 267 - 271
Nakladatel: ISCA
Místo vydání: Barcelona, Spain
Datum: 31.8.2013 - 2.9.2013
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speech synthesis, unit selection, concatenation cost, target cost, audible artifacts


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