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Campr, P. and Hrúz, M. and Karpov, A. and Santemiz, P. and Železný, M. and Aran, O. : Sign-language-enabled information kiosk . eNTERFACE'08, 2009.

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eNTERFACE'08 workshop


This paper presents design and creation of multimodal sign-language-enabled information kiosk which was developed during eNTERFACE’08 workshop. The kiosk uses automatic computer-vision-based sign language (SL) recognition, automatic speech recognition (ASR) and touchscreen as input modalities. The outputs are presented on a screen displaying 3D signing avatar and on a touchscreen showing special graphical user interface designed for the deaf users. The kiosk was tested on a dialogue providing information about train connections, but the scenario can be easily changed. The kiosk can be used both by hearing (ASR can be used) and deaf users (even who cannot read), in several languages. The human-computer interaction is controlled by a computer-driven dialogue system. A prototype of the kiosk was build and the work experience raised some new usability questions

Detail of publication

Title: Sign-language-enabled information kiosk
Author: Campr, P. ; Hrúz, M. ; Karpov, A. ; Santemiz, P. ; Železný, M. ; Aran, O.
Language: English
Date of publication: 2 Feb 2009
Year: 2009
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: eNTERFACE'08
Date: 4 Aug 2008 - 28 Aug 2008
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multimodal information kiosk, sign language recognition, sign language synthesis, dialogue system, automatic speech recognition


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