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Gregor Tomáš and Kochová Petra and Eberlová Lada and Nedorost Lukáš and Prosecká Eva and Liška Václav and Mírka Hynek and Kachlík David and Pirner Ivan and Zimmermann Petr and Králíčková Anna and Králíčková Milena and Tonar Zbyněk : Correlating Micro-CT Imaging with Quantitative Histology . Goswami T. (Ed): Injury and Skeletal Biomechanics, InTech, 2012.


This chapter reviews the current approaches in micro-CT imaging and the quantitative evaluation of the resulting image data sets. Both automatic image processing methods and interactive stereological methods are applied for the quantification of the volume fraction, surface density, length density, numerical density, orientation and anisotropy. Micro-CT imaging of bone tissue, tissue-engineered bone scaffolds, and microvascular corrosion casts is quantified using unbiased methods that are already acknowledged in quantitative histology.

Detail of publication

Title: Correlating Micro-CT Imaging with Quantitative Histology
Author: Gregor Tomáš ; Kochová Petra ; Eberlová Lada ; Nedorost Lukáš ; Prosecká Eva ; Liška Václav ; Mírka Hynek ; Kachlík David ; Pirner Ivan ; Zimmermann Petr ; Králíčková Anna ; Králíčková Milena ; Tonar Zbyněk
Language: English
Date of publication: 1 Jan 2012
Year: 2012
Type of publication: Book Chapters
Title of journal or book: Goswami T. (Ed): Injury and Skeletal Biomechanics
ISBN: 978-953-51-0690-6
Publisher: InTech
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X-ray microtomography, histology, tissue scaffolds, blood vessels, stereology, image analysis


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