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Hrúz Marek and Trojanová Jana and Železný Miloš : Local Binary Pattern Based Features for Sign Language Recognition . Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, p. 398-401, 2011.

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In this paper we focus on appearance features describing the manual component of Sign Language particularly the Local Binary Patterns. We compare the performance of these features with geometric moments describing the trajectory and shape of hands. Since the non-manual component is also very important for sign recognition we localize facial landmarks via Active Shape Model combined with Landmark detector that increases the robustness of model fitting. We test the recognition performance of individual features and their combinations on a database consisting of 11 signers and 23 signs with several repetitions. Local Binary Patterns outperform the geometric moments. When the features are combined we achieve a recognition rate up to 99.75% for signer dependent tests and 57.54% for signer independent tests.

Detail of publication

Title: Local Binary Pattern Based Features for Sign Language Recognition
Author: Hrúz Marek ; Trojanová Jana ; Železný Miloš
Language: English
Date of publication: 1 Jan 2011
Year: 2011
Type of publication: Papers in journals
Title of journal or book: Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
Page: 398 - 401
ISSN: 1054-6618
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Local Binary Pattern, Sign Language, Sign Language Recognition


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