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Jan Romportl : Od kultury zpětné vazby ke kybernetice . Teorie vědy, vol. 36 (2), p. 211-232, 2014.

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Paper title: "From Feedback Culture to Cybernetics"; The aim of this article is to analyse in historical context the foundations of contemporary cybernetics and to offer such a definition of cybernetics that corresponds both with cybernetics’ original roots as well as its actual institutionalised research and development form. The article stresses deeply rooted engineering motivation of cybernetics, cybernetical man-machine metaphor, man-machine coupling and cybernetics as a discursive practice. The historical context is focused on the early period of American cybernetics and proto-cybernetics.

Detail of publication

Title: Od kultury zpětné vazby ke kybernetice
Author: Jan Romportl
Language: Czech
Year: 2014
Type of publication: Papers in journals
Title of journal or book: Teorie vědy
Číslo vydání: 36 (2)
Page: 211 - 232
ISSN: 1210-0250
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cybernetics, history, feedback, man-machine coupling, cyberspeak


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