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Královec, J. and Šimandl, M. : Filtering, prediction and smoothing with point-mass approach . Automatic control in aerospace 2004, p. 375-380, Elsevier, Oxford, 2005.


Numerical solution of the Bayesian recursive relations in state estimation by the point-mass approach is treated. The stress is laid on the new grid design for multimodal probability density functions of state. A bank of grids is used for representation of the state space to cover different modes of the density. Splitting and merging techniques are designed for managing the bank of grids.

Detail of publication

Title: Filtering, prediction and smoothing with point-mass approach
Author: Královec, J. ; Šimandl, M.
Language: English
Date of publication: 14 Jun 2004
Year: 2005
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: Automatic control in aerospace 2004
Page: 375 - 380
ISBN: 0-08-044013-4
Publisher: Elsevier
Address: Oxford
Date: 14 Jun 2004 - 18 Jun 2004
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stochastic systems, state estimation, nonlinear filters, probability density function, estimation algorithms


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