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Mašek, J. and Šťáhlavský, P. and Tychtl, Z. : Analysis of Lombard effect for automatic speech recognition . Electronic speech signal processing, Studientexte zur Sprachkommunikation, Bd. 36, p. 298-301, Technisches Universtät, Dresden, 2005.


The universal speech recognition system must be able to recognize the speech in various environmental conditions. The problem is that the performance of automatic speech recognition systems decreases in the noisy environment. One of the reasons is the modification of the speech produced by the speaker in effort for more efficient communication, known as a Lombard effect. The purpose of this work was 1) to determine the differences between Czech speech produced in quiet and Czech speech influenced by Lombard effect and 2) to use the results of the analysis for the Lombard effect detection and improve of speech recognition.

Detail of publication

Title: Analysis of Lombard effect for automatic speech recognition
Author: Mašek, J. ; Šťáhlavský, P. ; Tychtl, Z.
Language: English
Date of publication: 1 Jan 2005
Year: 2005
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: Electronic speech signal processing
Edition: Studientexte zur Sprachkommunikation, Bd. 36
Page: 298 - 301
ISBN: 3-938863-17-X
Publisher: Technisches Universtät
Address: Dresden
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Lombard effect, speech recognition, speech analysis


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