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Müller, L. and Psutka Josef V. : Building robust PLP-based acoustic module for ASR applications . SPECOM 2005 proceedings, p. 761-764, Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow , 2005.


This paper wants to summarize our experience of the PLP parameterization used in front-end modules of continuous speech recognition systems working with a telephone or high-quality speech. This experience is supported by results of many experiments which became basis for an adjustment of our systems in real applications. There will be discussed such issues as an impact of the number of PLP filters and calculated PLP-cepstral coefficients on the word error rate (WER), a comparison between a monophone-based HMM structure with a growing number of Gaussians and a triphone-based structure. The paper pays also attention to an influence of number of speakers (whose voices were used for training HMMs) on the WER. All front-end settings both for telephone and/or high-quality speech were tested on tasks with a same perplexity in order to compare better individual results.

Detail of publication

Title: Building robust PLP-based acoustic module for ASR applications
Author: Müller, L. ; Psutka Josef V.
Language: English
Date of publication: 17 Sep 2005
Year: 2005
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: SPECOM 2005 proceedings
Page: 761 - 764
ISBN: 5-7452-0110-X
Publisher: Moscow State Linguistic University
Address: Moscow
Date: 17 Sep 2005 - 19 Sep 2005
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speech recognition, feature extraction, PLP parameteriazation


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