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Pěchouček, M. and Vokřínek, J. and Bečvář, P. : ExPlanTech: multiagent support for manufacturing decision making . IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. 1, p. 67-74, 2005.


This article presents and discusses the potential of agent technologies in the manufacturing domain. It reports on the authors' experiences in deploying an open, Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents-compliant agent-based solution in several industrial applications--namely, planning, simulation, and supply chain management. It primarily discuses and presents multiagent technologies' integration aspects. Besides the state-of-the-art review, the article provides a basic introduction to agent-based systems and lists requirements an application needs to be well suited to an agent-based solution. The articles' key contribution is its presentation of the ExPlanTech multiagent framework and technological architecture. The authors demonstrate the framework's general applicability through several use cases and in pivotal applications.

Detail of publication

Title: ExPlanTech: multiagent support for manufacturing decision making
Author: Pěchouček, M. ; Vokřínek, J. ; Bečvář, P.
Language: English
Date of publication: 1 Jan 2005
Year: 2005
Type of publication: Papers in journals
Title of journal or book: IEEE Intelligent Systems
Číslo vydání: 1
Page: 67 - 74
ISBN: 1541-1672
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multiagent systems, production planning, simulation, supply chain management, system integration


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