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Pešek, P. and Mošna, J. : Delta-operator as tool of linear tracking problem design . 5th international carpathian control conference, p. 159-164, AGH-UST , Krakow, 2004.


Main idea of the paper is shown linear tracking problem in delta-operator area. The paper deals with description of linear tracking problem formulation and summarizing ideas of the solution possibilities. Problem follows from formulation of general linear tracking problem base on alternative control theory. Firstly delta-operator is shortly introduced. Then the linear tracking problem reformulated by using delta-operator. Paper is concluded by motivation for future works.

Detail of publication

Title: Delta-operator as tool of linear tracking problem design
Author: Pešek, P. ; Mošna, J.
Language: English
Date of publication: 25 May 2004
Year: 2004
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: 5th international carpathian control conference
Page: 159 - 164
ISBN: 83-89772-00-0
Publisher: AGH-UST
Address: Krakow
Date: 25 May 2004 - 28 May 2004
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delta-operator, linear tracking problem, deviation model, irreducible representation


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