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Pražák, A. and Ircing, P. and Müller, L. : Language Model Adaptation Using Different Class-Based Models . SPECOM 2007 Proceedings, p. 449-454, Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow, 2007.

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The paper presents two different methods for adding previously unseen words into the LVCSR system. Both methods employ the principles of class-based language modeling – the first one exploits task-specific knowledge, the second one is fully automatic and task independent. Extensive test of the proposed language models in the real-time ASR system showed that both techniques provide a consistent improvement in terms of recognition accuracy. Moreover, the contributions from both methods appear to be additive, yielding a total improvement of up to 2 % absolute.

Detail of publication

Title: Language Model Adaptation Using Different Class-Based Models
Author: Pražák, A. ; Ircing, P. ; Müller, L.
Language: English
Date of publication: 15 Oct 2007
Year: 2007
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: SPECOM 2007 Proceedings
Page: 449 - 454
ISBN: 6-7452-0110-x
Publisher: Moscow State Linguistic University
Address: Moscow
Date: 15 Oct 2007 - 18 Oct 2007
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ASR, LVCSR, HMM, real-time, class-based language model, morphological tag


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