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Detail of publication


Radová, V. and Psutka, J. and Müller, L. and Byrne, W. and Psutka Josef V. and Ircing, P. and Matoušek, J. : Czech broadcast news transcripts . p. 4, Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC), USA, 2004.


This publication contains the transcripts corresponding to the audio Czech broadcast news published as Czech Broadcast News Speech by LDC, catalog number LDC2004S01. The corpus was created to support the development of large vocabulary speaker independent speech recognition systems for Czech. The transcripts contain approximatelly 196K words and 27K unique words. The news do not contain weather forecasts, sports news, or traffic announcements.

Detail of publication

Title: Czech broadcast news transcripts
Author: Radová, V. ; Psutka, J. ; Müller, L. ; Byrne, W. ; Psutka Josef V. ; Ircing, P. ; Matoušek, J.
Language: English
Date of publication: 1 Jan 2004
Year: 2004
Type of publication: Books
Page: 4
ISBN: 1-58563-281-3
Publisher: Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC)
Address: USA
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broadcast news transcripts, speech corpus, Czech, speech recognition


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