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Schlegel Miloš and Balda Pavel : Power Controller of Nuclear Reactor . Process Control 2008, vol. ;, p. 1-7, University of Pardubice, Kouty nad Desnou, 2008.


A nuclear reactor is a device in which nuclear chain reactions are initiated, controlled, and sustained at a steady rate. When a reactor's neutron population remains steady from one generation to the next, the reactor's condition is referred to as "critical reactivity" (power is constant). The state, when the neutron production exceeds losses, is called "supercritical reactivity" (power is increasing), and when losses dominate "subcritical reactivity" (power is decreasing). The purpose of the power controller is to provide that the power of the inherently unstable nuclear reactor tracks the given setpoint. The paper reports the process of design and implementation of the power controller for the experimental pressurized water reactor. The original selector control strategy is described and tested on the simplified reactor model.

Detail of publication

Title: Power Controller of Nuclear Reactor
Author: Schlegel Miloš ; Balda Pavel
Language: English
Year: 2008
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: Process Control 2008
Číslo vydání: ;
Page: 1 - 7
ISBN: 978-80-7395-077-4
Publisher: University of Pardubice
Address: Kouty nad Desnou
Date: 12 Jun 2008
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Pressurized water reactor (PWR, VVER), experimental nuclear reactor, power control of nuclear reactor, selector control, gain scheduling


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