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Šmídl, L. and Psutka, J. : Comparison of keyword spotting methods for searching in speech . Interspeech 2006, p. 1894-1897, ISCA, Bonn, 2006.


This paper presents and discusses keyword spotting methods for searching in speech. In contrast with searching in text, the searching in speech or generally in multimedia data still represents a challenge. The aim of the paper is to present a keyword spotting (KWS) method based on a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) system, based on phonetics decoder, and keyword spotting using a filler model. All the methods are evaluated and compared from various points of view – speed, quality, requirements on training data and so on. All experiments are done using a telephone-quality speech corpus. Furthermore, this paper presents a new block decision in filler model-based keyword spotting which brings the speedup of decision together with better detection. Index Terms: keyword spotting, searching in speech, speech recognition, LVCSR, filler model, acoustic baseform.

Detail of publication

Title: Comparison of keyword spotting methods for searching in speech
Author: Šmídl, L. ; Psutka, J.
Language: English
Date of publication: 17 Sep 2006
Year: 2006
Type of publication: Papers in journals
Title of journal or book: Interspeech 2006
Page: 1894 - 1897
ISBN: 1990-9772
ISSN: 1990-9772
Publisher: ISCA
Address: Bonn
Date: 17 Sep 2006 - 21 Sep 2006
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keyword spotting, LVCSR, filler model, ABS


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