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Střelec Martin : SOV Diagnostics with special signals . Process Control 2008, vol. ;, p. 1-5, University of Pardubice, Kouty nad Desnou, Česká Republika, 2008.


The solenoid operated valves are important part of many control loops. The correct functionality of solenoid operated valves is important in many applications. The indirect indicator of electromagnetic force is the current at the piston motion beginning and at the end of the motion. The trend analyze can be made from these indicators. Nevertheless the piston motion signal is generally immeasurable. The generally measured signals are voltage and current signal. The method estimating the beginning and the end of the piston motion from the current and the voltage signal is presented in this article.

Detail of publication

Title: SOV Diagnostics with special signals
Author: Střelec Martin
Language: English
Year: 2008
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: Process Control 2008
Číslo vydání: ;
Page: 1 - 5
ISBN: 978-80-7395-077-4
Publisher: University of Pardubice
Address: Kouty nad Desnou, Česká Republika
Date: 12 Jun 2008
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solenoid operated valve, diagnostics, inductance estimate


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