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Vladimíra Moulisová and Miroslav Jiřík and Claudia Schindler and Lenka Červenková and Richard Pálek and Jáchym Rosendorf and Janine Arlt and Lukáš Bolek and Simona Šůsová and Sandor Nietzsche and Václav Liška and Uta Dahmen : Novel morphological multi-scale evaluation system for quality assessment of decellularized liver scaffolds . Journal of Tissue Engineering, vol. 11, 2020.


Decellularized scaffolds can serve as an excellent three-dimensional environment for cell repopulation. They maintain tissue-specific microarchitecture of extracellular matrix proteins with important spatial cues for cell adhesion, migration, growth, and differentiation. However, criteria for quality assessment of the three-dimensional structure of decellularized scaffolds are rather fragmented, usually study-specific, and mostly semi-quantitative. Thus, we aimed to develop a robust structural assessment system for decellularized porcine liver scaffolds. Five scaffolds of different quality were used to establish the new evaluation system. We combined conventional semi-quantitative scoring criteria with a quantitative scaffold evaluation based on automated image analysis. For the quantitation, we developed a specific open source software tool (ScaffAn) applying algorithms designed for texture analysis, segmentation, and skeletonization. ScaffAn calculates selected parameters characterizing structural features of porcine liver scaffolds such as the sinusoidal network. After evaluating individual scaffolds, the total scores predicted scaffold interaction with cells in terms of cell adhesion. Higher scores corresponded to higher numbers of cells attached to the scaffolds. Moreover, our analysis revealed that the conventional system could not identify fine differences between good quality scaffolds while the additional use of ScaffAn allowed discrimination. This led us to the conclusion that only using the combined score resulted in the best discrimination between different quality scaffolds. Overall, our newly defined evaluation system has the potential to select the liver scaffolds most suitable for recellularization, and can represent a step toward better success in liver tissue engineering.

Detail of publication

Title: Novel morphological multi-scale evaluation system for quality assessment of decellularized liver scaffolds
Author: Vladimíra Moulisová ; Miroslav Jiřík ; Claudia Schindler ; Lenka Červenková ; Richard Pálek ; Jáchym Rosendorf ; Janine Arlt ; Lukáš Bolek ; Simona Šůsová ; Sandor Nietzsche ; Václav Liška ; Uta Dahmen
Language: English
Date of publication: 27 May 2020
Year: 2020
Type of publication: Papers in journals
Title of journal or book: Journal of Tissue Engineering
Číslo vydání: 11
DOI: 10.1177/2041731420921121
ISSN: 2041-7314
/ 2021-01-12 17:06:41 /


Decellularized liver scaffold, structure preservation, software analysis, quantitative assessment, structure–function relationship


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