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Železný, M. and Campr, P. and Krňoul, Z. and Hrúz, M. : Design of a Multi-Modal Information Kiosk for Aurally Handicapped People . SPECOM 2007 Proceedings, p. 751-755, Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow, 2007.


This paper presents a design of an information system (information kiosk) for aurally hadicapped people that will use sign language as main communication means. The system will use several modalities for both input and output. As input modalities, manual signs, lip articulation, speech and touch screen will be used. As output modalities, synthesized sign language accompanied by lip articulation will be used, together with graphical/textual output. The system will be used for providing various types of information to deaf or hard-of-hearing people. One example is information about train departures and arrivals at a train station. The presented design includes hardware setup, communication system architecture, and a database specification. Based on the presented system design, a real information kiosk will be able to be developed.

Detail of publication

Title: Design of a Multi-Modal Information Kiosk for Aurally Handicapped People
Author: Železný, M. ; Campr, P. ; Krňoul, Z. ; Hrúz, M.
Language: English
Date of publication: 15 Oct 2007
Year: 2007
Type of publication: Papers in proceedings of reviewed conferences
Title of journal or book: SPECOM 2007 Proceedings
Page: 751 - 755
ISBN: 6-7452-0110-X
Publisher: Moscow State Linguistic University
Address: Moscow
Date: 15 Oct 2007 - 18 Oct 2007
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information kiosk, sign language processing, assistive systems for deaf people


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