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Research and development of advanced IT technologies for support of bone marrow donor searching for transplantation

The project aim is to develop a complex system for selecting a suitable donor for bone marrow transplantation with using the advanced search based on available knowledge and proposed methods. It is necessary to analyze the issues related to data sources and genetic diversity for subsequent use in the development of concept for finding matched donors. Then, based on specified functionalities and analysis will be created the algorithms and verified the methods of the concept and upgrade the algorithm of the MAC and evaluation functions relating to the patient diagnosis. This step will be followed by a prototype of the target software and finally will be implemented the applications for individual users, including verification and operation testing. During the entire project will be upgraded and expanded support systems and due to the future commercial application will be created the Testing Center.






Faculty of Applied Sciences and Center for Information Technology at the University of West Bohemia cooperate with the Czech National Marrow Donors Registry, Bone Marrow Transplant Foundantion and Department of Hematology and Oncology of the Teaching Hospital in Pilsen.

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This project is realized with the support of state budget subsidy through TACR project TA01010342.