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Flag-cs zobrazit českou verzi

Year: 2011
Author: Campr Pavel ; Campr Michal ; Hanzlíček Zdeněk ; Krňoul Zdeněk ; Grůber Martin ; Zajíc Zbyněk ; Hoidekr Jan ; Matoušek Jindřich

Systém pro správu a ozvučování učebních textů pro zrakově postižené

The technology integrates several algorithms, internal modules and external tools for educational text management for students with visual impairments, with respect to accessibility of created educational texts and mathematical formulae. The educational texts are available for students in special accessible formats with support of automatic text-to-speech conversion. The system runs as a web-based application on a central server and is available on-line. The administration part is used by editors (teachers) to manage educational texts and formulae. The texts are organized in several topics, which can be additionally organized in smaller special blocks with different formatting. Several technologies for content management were developed for administration interface, to view and edit educational texts and mathematical and physics formulae. The public part of the system is used by students; the texts are available in different formats and contrast settings with respect to type of visual impairment. Integrated TTS module is used as integrated screen reading software to read both texts and formulae. The user can control speed of the voice. Additionally, the text is formatted in standard accessible way so that other screen readers can be used. The innovation of this technology consists of online content management for educational texts for students with visual impairments, usage of integrated TTS system and mainly of reading of mathematical formulae. 

System schema