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Year: 2012
Author: Martin Grůber

Prearranged scenarios based speech database recording system

The recording system is focused on speech database recording using prearranged scenarios. The scenarios are created on the basis of real dialogues that can be prerecorded even in a lower quality. During the speech database recording, a speaker is listening to a part of such a real dialogue and his task is to respond appropriately according to instructions that are displayed on a screen (the instructions are mostly in the form of a text to be recorded). This way of recording is supposed to put the speaker in the role of a partner in the dialogue while keeping the high quality of recordings because the recording can take place in a recording studio. The application allows the user to control the recording flow (e.g. recording repetition) and also the automatic speech data quality check (volume level, keeping pauses at the beginning and at the end of recordings, etc.).

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