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Year: 2012
Author: BALÁK, Oldřich, FATKA, Jiří a HOUDOVÁ, Lucie

Integration of registry in EMDIS communication

When searching for unrelated marrow donors need of speed, work with large amounts of sensitive data, the need for security and reliability makes necessary an automation of communication between registries and EMDIS solves this at international level. By integrating CNMDR into EMDIS communication is the process of finding donors abroad faster, more reliable and more transparent , which is a further development of the registry (currently more than 80% of donors available worldwide is available through EMDIS).

Connection was made via "MARCIE", which is the original interface created for this purpose by a team of UWB and as an integral part of the solution was created a system for the patients management for EMDIS (cooperating with the main administration registry application) and for sending / receiving / processing of requests and results from / to abroad (preliminary finding is fully automatic). Functionality and accuracy of the proposed solutions and automated mutual communication was tested by CNMDR and German donor registry ZKRD. After successful completion of the testing and validation of its German partner, the technology was put into full operation as part of the registry IS.

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The technology using is specified in project TA01010342 and can be provided at the conclusion of license agreements in accordance with § 16 of Act No. 130/2002 Coll.

Contact for licence obtainment:

Eduard Janeček
Univerzitní 8
301 00 Plzeň
Email: janecek(at)
Tel: +420 377 632 506

Confirmation of usage

The result is integrated into the ICT infrastructure of the Czech National Marrow Donors Registry (CNMDR).

Confirmation od usage by CNMDR you can find here.