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Year: 2009
Author: Janeček,E.; Houdová, Le.

VVS - simulation results visualization

Software VVS -simulation results visualization was created for vizualization of output data ftom AWB (Availability Workbench by Isograph, Inc.) in area of reliability and cost (availabilit, unavailability, MTP, general and routine planned maintenance optimization). It allows to load, process and visualize simulation results, like history or prediction of availability time progression, show results of optimization process for finding the optimal time between planned maintenance in cost point of view or availability of the equipment.

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The software using is specified in the agreement on cooperation between UWB and SKODA POWER a.s., A Doosan company in term of grant MPO FR-TI1/258.

Contacts for licence obtainment:

Eduard Janeček
Univerzitní 8,
30614, Plzeň

Tel: +420 377 632 506

Škoda Power a.s., A Doosan Company:
Václav Taubr
Tylova 1/57
30128, Plzeň

Tel: +420 378 185 016

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The result was devolved to ŠKODA POWER a.s., A Doosan company, for routine operation. More information can be found here:

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