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Year: 2011
Author: CAMPR, P., GRŮBER, M.

Webová aplikace pro paralelní obsluhu TTS požadavků

This software is realized both as a web-based and CLI application. It acts as an interface for external text-to-speech (TTS) system ARTIC for usage in web environment. The system is responsible for downloading of specific ARTIC modules from external locations, for correct loading of ARTIC modules into memory and for activity logging. The system supports loading of multiple modules, i.e. multiple requests for different speakers can be processed simultaneously. Interface for target applications is realized over HTTP protocol, in JSON format for request data and WAV format for response speech data. Another responsibility of the software is parallel processing of multiple TTS requests and their queueing, since every TTS module can handle only one request at the same time. Modules for basic Natural Language Processing (to process input sentences) and for IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) conversion are included.

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