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Year: 2012
Author: Fetter M. ; Flídr M. ; Hajšman V. ; Jelínek L. ; Krňoul J. ; Vávře J. ; Voráč P.; Janeček E.

Maintenance Support Information System for Selected Power Plant Turbine Room Equipment

Database information system to support the documentation, planning and decision-making of maintenance activities in the form of guide that allows you to optimize the cost of maintenance based on condition monitoring equipment, effects of maintenance and prediction of failure.


The software using is specified in project MPO FR-TI1/258.

The software can be provided at the conclusion of license agreements in accordance with § 16 of Act No. 130/2002 Coll.

Contact for licence obtainment:

Eduard Janeček
Univerzitní 8
301 00 Plzeň
Email: janecek(at)
Tel: +420 377 632 506


Confirmation of usage

The result is integrated into the IS/IT ZČU and the system verification will be done with ŠKODA POWER s.r.o., A Doosan company cooperation in the next phase.

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